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Providing support and counseling - free for expectant mothers

We are a Tucson based non profit adoption agency. If you are either pregnant or want to adopt contact us for more information.

If you want help making an important decision, if you need help, if you want confidentiality, if you desire not to be judged, if you are scared, if you want someone to listen...Please call, text or email us.

We have over 20 years combined experience. We have been through the adoption process personally. We want you to know that someone does care for you.

we do care for you. you are not alone.

If you are currently parenting a young child we may be able to help you make a Private Adoption plan for him/her. Most of our hopeful adoptive families are open to adopting a child 12 months of age or younger. Many of our families are open to adopting a young sibling group (child under 5 and newborn). We have a few families looking to adopt a child 5 years of age or younger.

Call us to learn more about your options regarding making an adoption plan for a child or children you are parenting.

We Advocate Open Adoption Relationships

  • Birth parents choose adoptive family for their child/children
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents meet face to face
  • Adoptive family agrees to keep in contact with birth family (letter, pictures and occasional visits if you so desire)
  • Agency staff assist in facilitating the adoptive placement of infant or young children
  • Some financial assistance may be available to birth family
  • Birth family chooses the degree of openness in the relationship
Baby Safe Haven dropoff agency

We are a Baby Safe Haven provider in Arizona. Learn more about the Baby Safe Haven program and how it may help you.

Our Values

We believe that all human life is sacred and created by God in His image. Human life is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including pre-born babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged and every other stage or condition from conception to natural death. We are therefore called to defend, protect and value all human life.

Psalm 139:13-14 NRSV For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

  • children, the gift of God
  • children, the gift of God
  • children, the gift of God, Ya'at eeh



Birth Mother Counseling

Matching Services
(Assist birth parents in choosing adoptive family)

Adoption Education and Support

Birth Mother / Parent Support Group

Case Management Services
(Helping access local resources)


Post Abortion / Pregnancy Loss Counseling




[Below is a list items we may be able to help you with]

Cell Phone Minutes

Access To Free Quality Medical Care From People Who Will Respect You

Transportation To Medical Care

Maternity Clothing

Pre Natal Vitamins

Nutritious Food


Living Expenses

Support Group

Legal Services


Education Regarding the Adoption Process

Homestudy Services

Matching Services
(Assist birth parents with selecting)

Finalization in Court

Post Placement Visit and Reports

Counseling related to Infertility and Pregnancy Loss


Assistance in Writing Family Profile or Birthmother Letter

Support Group for Waiting Adoptive Parents


children, the gift of God


shiye ashki yazhi doo ateh yazhi

Who We Are

We are a non-profit Adoption agency located in Tucson, Arizona serving the needs of the state of Arizona. We have over 50 years of combined experience to help you.

Jackie Komar and Benedict

Jackie Komar

Agency Administrator

Jackie has over 25 years of experience providing support & counseling services to Women & families in transition. Mrs Komar has a Master's degree in Social Work. She is licensed by the State of Arizona as an LCSW level clinical social worker.

She has received training in the Project Rachael ministry which helps women heal From the wounds of abortion. Jackie is the mother of 4 children whom she & her husband adopted at birth. She worked as an Adoption Social Worker for almost 10 Years (prior to becoming a mom). She believes that life is a sacred gift from God. She feels honored to be able to provide support & counseling to women & children. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering making an adoption plan we can help you. We will walk beside you and help you discern the best path for yourself and your unborn child. You are not alone, we are here for you.


Image of St. Gianna Molla


If you want inspiration for yourself through a courageous woman and her child, read more about Saint Gianna.


Diane Parker

Adoptive Family Counselor

Diane Bevilacqua Parker was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. She attended and graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Psychology. The next fifteen years she spent working in the HR department of two large Fortune five hundred companies and an institution of higher education. Diane and her husband Neil after 12 years of marriage began the process of starting a family. Four years and countless fertility treatments later, Diane and Neil were blessed with the miracle of new born baby adoption. Their daughter Sydney was born in 2008 soon to be followed by her brother Andrew in 2011 both in Tucson. Diane & Neil know first hand the unconditional love and strength it takes to place a child for adoption. They have also experienced the overwhelming gratitude and love bestowed on them through the gift of new born adoption. Diane's passion is to help other birth and adoptive parents experience this true miracle of life. 

Christina Fugate and Family

Christina Fugate

Birth Parent Case Manager

Christina Fugate was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Minor in Spanish. While attending NAU, she completed an internship with Catholic Social Services in their adoption department. Since graduating in 2004, she has worked in the foster care system, in behavioral health, and with parents with substance abuse issues; however, her dream has always been to return to the adoption field. As a child who was adopted herself, adoption is much more than a part of her life story. She believes that placing a child up for adoption is a tremendously loving and selfless act. Christina feels that it is an absolute honor to walk alongside biological mothers as they make this decision.

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